• One-Person Play with audience debrief

  • Workshops for small and large groups

  • Keynotes and traditional educational lectures

  • Professional/ Staff Development

  • Board Training

  • Panels

  • General consulting on social justice projects/ creative efforts

NEW! One-Person Play

"Escalation" is a one-person play that uses Eva's personal journey to connect the dots between bias and hate. The play is hard-hitting, powerful, emotional, loud, graphic, challenging and woven with sweet and silly moments. If the play had a rating it would be rated R due to the graphic nature of putting hate on display. Eva educates by using common and not so common jokes, slurs, taunts, shoves, punches, and murder to make the point that they are all connected and preventable. The play is part story-telling and part performance and takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotion and self reflection. 40-minute performance plus audience 20-30 min Q&A.


Everything I do is tailored to the developmental and experience level of the audience. Here are examples of what I've been doing lately.

  • My Playlist: Lessons of Justice, and Creating Change (This presentation draws inspiration from music to raise issues about social justice, inter-group respect, and leadership.)

  • Social Justice Leadership

  • Civil Rights 2.0

  • Using Social Media for Social Justice

  • Interrupting Biased Language

  • Stereotyping: It was just a joke!

  • Diversity is More than Race

  • Microaggressions

  • The Allies Guide for Getting It Right

  • Advanced Social Justice Training Skills for Facilitators

 If there is topic or an innovative format you have a mind, let me know!


Workshop fees are based on the length of training, size of group and travel time.